McIntosh & Associates Earns SITEOPS® Provider Certification New Item


Certification distinguishes engineers who have mastered conceptual site design and what-if analysis using SITEOPS. They are skilled in information delivery and presentation using this collaborative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system.

McIntosh & Associates is skilled in SITEOPS and can produce dozens of preliminary plans for a single site, along with cost estimates, in less than a week. This tool enables Mcintosh & Associates to give our clients significantly more information and options at the start of a project, a critical time for key financial decisions that can mean the edge in a tightening construction market.

“Our clients who take advantage of this technology see significant time and cost savings on their projects, which contributes to the measurable value that McIntosh & Associates brings to every project.” - Roger McIntosh, Principal

With a professional design staff, McIntosh & Associates provides all types of Civil Engineering services with specialties in site planning for private developments and Public Works projects including infrastructure, subdivision design and oil field facilities.

McIntosh & Associates provides a variety of Planning and Landscape Design services with specialties in Master Land Use Planning, Site Planning, Design Detail, Site Plan and Design Review, Urban Design and Redevelopment, Specific and General Plan Amendments, Environmental Impact Reports, Phase 1 Environmental Assessments, Air Quality Studies, Environmental Feasibility Analysis, Agricultural Conversion Studies, Fiscal Impact Analysis, Visual Impact Analysis, and Plant and Irrigation Design. We also provide Entitlement coordination services for the preparation of environmental studies.

McIntosh & Associates provides Land Surveying services with specialties in boundary surveys, topographic surveys, ALTA surveys, construction staking, subdivision and geodetic control surveys. McIntosh & Associates utilizes the latest in surveying technology.

McIntosh & Associates focus is always on our individual client’s needs. “SITEOPS brings us another powerful tool to provide our clients with project savings options never before economically feasible. The client is the winner.”

McIntosh & Associates provides Aerial Photogrammetry using stereo aerial photographs to obtain topographic and planimetric mapping using the Zeiss P3 Analytic Stereo Plotter. We also provide services for vertical and oblique color or black and white aerial photography, analytic aerotriangulation, ortho photographs, photographic reproduction and retain a libray of stock aerial negatives.

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East White Lane Fire Station
Bakersfield, California

Photo by Casey Christie.
For more info click here.

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Home Depot Project
Bakersfield, California

Using what's already there.
Read the Bakersfield Californian article on this new Home Depot project. (Larger View).


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West Ming Project, Bakersfield, CAWest Ming Project
Bakersfield, California

The proposed project is a comprehensive plan for a high quality, master planned community in the southwestern portion of the City of Bakersfield. The master plan includes a maximum of 7,450 residential units, 478,880 square feet of commercial (including office, service, and retail), 331,200 square feet of town center commercial and mixed use (including office, service, and retail), 1,135,000 square feet of special uses (as allowed within the Special Use District by the Specific Plan), four elementary schools and a junior high school, and 56 acres of public parks. (Larger View)

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Tribute Master Planned CommunityTribute Master Planned Community
Sierra Vista, Arizona

Tribute is a Master Planned community in Sierra Vista, Arizona that will consist of a mix of residential, commercial, recreational, and institutional uses that proved for a diverse and thriving environment.  It will have an exceptional system of open space, parks, trails, recreational areas and public facilities to serve the new community. (Larger View)

River Walk, Bakersfield, CAThe Shops at River Walk
Bakersfield, California

A shopping plaza with a grand piazza opening into a city park along the Kern River with direct access to the Kern River bike path. California Pizza Kitchen and the safari-themed Elephant Bar Restaurant both opened in 2005. The restaurants are located in The Crossings, a 47-acre shopping center developed by Castle & Cooke California, Inc. The restaurants are located in southwest Bakersfield on the corner of Stockdale Highway and Calloway Drive. (Larger View)

IKEA Distribution CenterIKEA Distribution Center
Bakersfield, California

Provide engineering services required to design and develop a 1.7 million square foot warehouse.  Services include designsite intraastructure including utilities, sorm drain, grading plan, including design of slopes and retaining walls to include specifications necessary to construct. 

Provide civil engineering design services in conjunction with the IKEA Distribution Center in the Tejon Industrial Complex.  Provide design of the storm drain system, including calculations for detention facilities in conjunction with the final grading plan. (Aerial Photo)