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Global Positioning System

McIntosh & Associates utilizes Trimble G.P.S. Total Station R8 Receivers for G.P.S. surveys.  With the Trimble G.P.S. Total Station, McIntosh & Associates can generate centimeter level coordinates while surveying a point - without requiring line of site, without having to point an instrument and in any weather condition. 

This is made possible by using Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) surveying, which includes dual frequency receivers with a radio communication line.  

The Trimble® R8 GPS system combines industry-leading GPS receiver technology with innovative features to improve our productivity in the field. The use Trimble R8's as a wireless base station or rover. It allows us to adapt to the needs of the job and whatever your surveying application may be.

By utilizing this technology, surveying productivity of over 100% have been common compared to optical surveying techniques on larger scaled surveys.

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